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FOD 5503 Series

The Clip-On Coupler FOD 5503 provides non-invasive bi-directional coupling into 250 micron coated singlemode fibers.
The FOD 5503 offers the ability to couple fiber optic talk sets at any intermediate point along a fiber span where access to a terminated end is not available.

• Test maintenance
• Fiber identification
• Voice communications


Coupling Efficiency @1310nm < 22dB
Coupling Efficiency @1550nm < 17dB
Coupling Efficiency @1625nm < 17dB
Insertion Loss @1310 &1550 nm < 6dB
Insertion Loss @1625 nm < 8dB
Optical Interface Specify FC, SC, Angled SC, LC
Back Reflection on tapped fiber < -60dB
Weight < 350g
Dimensions 57х75х80mm
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C, 75% humidity non-condensing
Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C, 75% humidity non-condensing
*into SMF28 clear coated 250 micron

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